Share holder relations

I have pasted a question that was asked on crowd cube a month ago that has not been answered

This is a wider question on Investor relations and shareholder rights. When is the next investor update and when was the AGM held that all shareholders should have been invited to. Was crowdcube trustees invited to the AGM. They did not communicate to us about that if they did and Emma should take them to task about it as it is sloppy investor relations.

No doubt the venture capital investors are given a quartley update and all other shareholders should be given the same curtesy.

Hi team,

Love the product - daily user before I put money into Emma, and it’s been great to see some of the changes since I invested last year.

I’ve seen that you have taken the decision to file filleted accounts with Companies House this year. I would like to ask which kind of accounts you have elected to prepare for your members, and when this information will be shared with people who have invested via the Crowdcube platform.

In addition, it would be good to get an update on how your raised capital has been deployed against the crowdfunding plan that was circulated as part of the initial offering, or what changes have been made to that initial plan.

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I don’t think there is a requirement for private companies to hold AGMs.

Yes, we don’t have any AGM. We are going to send a new update to the Crowdcube community soon. :slight_smile:

Very disappointed with the update as it did not really give us any thing new

There was no financial information. We should be getting the same info as all other shareholders.

A full set of the Jan 23 accounts should also be sent to all shareholders

Turning now to the recent post on the items promised to CC investors you did not say when these will be delivered and only commented on the swag. If you are going to give back word on these then you should say so and not just ignore the promises you have given.