Credit cards as ‘everyday’ is unhelpful

Having an everyday balance combining current account with credit card is of little value - the resulting number is meaningless information that doesn’t tell you how much you have to spend or how you are doing immediate cash flow wise.

My strong preference would be to have cards as ‘loan’ in a separate category - they are by definition a longer term tool than the current account so showing the credit card as if it’s an overdraft needing immediate attention is just wrong.

From a cash flow perspective- only this months repayment is significant (plus a projection of next month maybe)

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Or would love to have the option to tailor the everyday with some sort of toggle for which attributes to include.

Some of my credit cards are effectively loans (eg balance transfer deals) and some are for everyday spending that I match against my current account balance. It would be handy to be able to reclassify all accounts to whatever you want…

I think the ability to create your own groups of accounts etc would be great. Maybe that’s what Spaces does already, but I’m not upgrading to find out! :joy:

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