Splitting accounts out of Everyday balance?

Is it possible to split accounts out of the Everyday balance into their own category? I have balance transfer cards that I want to track but they are are not “every day” accounts, and skew the real balance from my bank accounts and the one credit card I do use for spending.

I don’t see any way to display just the accounts I actively use, without the cards artificially decreasing my balance. I know I can hide the accounts, but that defeats the purpose of linking them at all.

Hi @Kans,

would it help if you were able to move them to Loans? They would count towards net worth and debt.

Hi. I guess that would work as a solution to bucket them somewhere else, yes.

Custom groups of accounts would definitely be better, but any solution to move those short-term transfer cards is better than calling them “every day” accounts.

As of now, the easiest way would be to “hide” the accounts, but not ideal.