Co-operative Bank

I don’t think it’s relevant

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It may be more to do with bringing in support for pending transaction visibility to the app, which is also coming “at the end of February”.

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We are waiting for the production keys, everything else should be almost ready

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This connection is now live in Emma! :tada:

Thanks @edoardomoreni and @antonio and all of the Emma team.

It’s four years to the day since my Co-operative Bank accounts last synced with Emma! A great way to mark the anniversary.

Will there be a future option for a “merge connection” flow or will I just have the connection listed twice forever? (Sorry to be awkward, this is still great news!)


Do you mean they are separate co-op and smile?

No, I mean that I still have an old (MCI flow) connection for “The Co-operative Bank” and the new API-based connection also titled “The Co-operative Bank”.

When other MCI connections were replaced with API connections in the past, a merge connection flow appeared in Emma. This doesn’t appear to be available now.

Smile appears as a separate connection as expected, by design.

Yes, you are right. For this integration, we have not prepared a migration plan. However, if you reach out to live chat and ask for this (mention I said so), we can do it manually from our end.

Great news that Smile was reintegrated, and I can put up with only a year available. However are we really going to have to “refresh” our connection twice a day going forward? I think the manual addition of items was easier than that plus the fear that it is going to go again very soon.

Hi David, thanks for posting. What do you mean?

The app refreshes once a day on the free plan and 4 times on any paid plans. If you are on Pro, you can also force refresh.

Unfortunately I am getting “Emma needs your help” and I have to renew authority twice a day.

I assume this is Smile being as awkward as it was before, when we lost the link.

Can you reach out to live chat? We can take a look at this.

Sorry I haven’t done this yet, but it has reduced although I was asked 19th and then again yesterday 24th March so still less than a week.

Can you message live chat now? so we can take a look, otherwise we need to guess from here

Hi having not got very far with live chat, just to say although no longer twice a day it is still twice a week as advised to Live Chat (Olga) and I had to renew the connection today again.

The other frustrating thing is that on refreshing the connection it restores recent data to the original rule based guesses on categories.

It seems best to disconnect Smile and go back to manually adding transactions, shame.

Thanks for letting us know - we have reported this to Coop and are working with them to resolve.

I don’t think this is the best option - they have to fix if it’s broken.

Update on synchronizing, Emma/Smile asked first thing this morning, I did and it updated.
Went back on mid morning and it asked again, but this time the category/tag changes were kept.
So again only half a week.

Thanks for reporting this - we are messaging the bank.

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An update on this is that is now daily, or if you manually update. Hence it seems they are logging it out after every “visit”. It is also wiping old transactions so you can only have a years worth.

They have confirmed it’s an issue on their end and they need to resolve. We don’t have an ETA unfortunately.