Clarification of Pay Period amounts

The Pay Period graphic in Analytics has a sentence of the form “A left of B” where A & B are amounts (e.g. £1,000 left of £2,000).

As far as I can tell A = B - Spending - Committed spending.
Is that correct?

Also, when I manually set a budget (via the budget button) B seems to represent the manually-set budget. Is that correct?

What I don’t understand it what B is supposed to represent when a budget is not manually set. In this case B does not seem to represent either my total income or the amount of money currently in my accounts. Can someone clarify what it is supposed to represent?

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It’s supposed to be the total income, including any additional ones you may get in that pay period (that you explicitly set up via the “payday” feature). You can see the breakdown of that figure by just scrolling to the bottom of the Analytics tab and make adjustments from there as well.

We agree this is not very clear (perhaps not very useful either) and we are testing on new users a simpler alternative which has proven to be clearer and more effective for budgeting purposes.

This isn’t what I get. I get an amount for B which is more than double my all-source income, so perhaps something isn’t working properly. I will query through in-app help a bit later today.

I think it’s useful when you understand what the numbers represent, but not necessarily intuitive. I think you need to provide a ? button (explainer/help button) near the graphic so you can explain what the different numbers represent.