Categorize based on counterparty name

Hi all,

I’ve been having trouble seperating my grocery shop from what I spend on petrol due to the fact the vendor is The Co-op for both.

From what I can see there is no easy way to separate these quickly and easily. However both do have different counterparty names. Please could be there be a way to categorize based on counterparty name rather than just vendor name?


What counterparty do you see?

The counterparty name for my local Co-op petrol station differs from my local co-op convenience store. Similar names but one includes “petrol.”

Local store: “Co-op Roundhay Leeds”
Local petrol station: “Co-op Roundhay Petrol Leeds”

Both show on the app with the vendor name “The Co-op” with no easy way to split without a painstaking manual process.

Thank you!

We can definitely fix this, the issue is when it just says “co-op”, let me check with the team. :slight_smile:

Without wanting to hijack this thread. I do see similar with Tesco pay at pump. Monzo shows the counter party as being Tesco PAYAT PUMP. But Emma just sees it as tesco so I always have to manually move it from groceries to another category.

We can fix this too

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Thabk you Edoardo

Hey @terbe, could you send us a screenshot via the support chat in your Emma app of how this is appearing on your end?

I can take a closer look and make the required changes.

@jmcnamee this issue should be resolved. Close Emma, stop it from running in the background and re-open

Hi Joel,

Have pinged across four screenshot. Two from monzo and two from Emma of the same transactions.

It’s showing a tesco pay at pump transaction and a tesco groceries transaction.

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Hi Joel,

It’s not worked. Perhaps because i’ve given you the wrong details.

My local petrol station appears as: “CO-OP PETROL ROUNDHAY LEEDS”

Thank you,

Working now! Thank you

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Hi Joel,

Hilariously they’ve just changed the counterparty name to “CO-OP FOOD - PETROL ROUNDHAY”

This is not being categorised correctly again!

Maybe because this was in the shop of the petrol station while before was at the pump?

Hi Edoardo thank you for your reply,

Inside the station there are three tills side by side with no discernable difference in what they serve in terms of food/petrol etc…

This seems to me to be a long standing issue - Emma just seems to grab Monzo’s cleansed transaction name rather than the full/original transaction name. The behaviour seems cause issues in other areas too, such as in smart rules.

This is being fixed.


Wooo, I can confirm. A petrol top up this weekend I just noticed has come through has Tesco Petrol Station :tada:. Thanks Emma team!

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No biggie :wink:

Let us know if there is anything else we can fix, happy to help.