Categorised Committed Spend and Budgets


I’ve tried to find an existing topic already covering this but couldn’t see one - apologies if I missed it somewhere.

The current budget screen gives a summary wheel at the top showing total budget, spend to date and committed spending so its clear how much “disposable” budget I have left.

The category budgets below only include spend to date however with no indication of any remaining committed spending within that budget. This actually makes it difficult to know how much of the remaining category budget I can really use.

Would it be possible to show committed spend within the category budgets?

Looking at my committed spending transactions (subscriptions) I see that they actually do not appear to reference a category so I guess this is half the problem - unless they are categorised first, it’s not possible to allocate them to a category budget. Surely it’s possible to identify what category the subscription is part of (automatically or manually even?)