Budgeting feature requests

Hi, I have a few thoughts/feature requests for consideration.

  1. When showing the committed spending in the monthly budget show the remaining amount and the total amount. E.g. £855 / £1,260. £855 remaining from the committed budget of £1,260. Because, once it’s all split into the categories I can’t see how much of that committed I’ve already spent and how much was due to my ad-hoc spending.
  2. Have a separate budget for savings. So a spending budget and a savings budget. I know savings can be a category within the budget, but by having it separate gives greater visibility to savings and allows for you to budget specifically just expenditure.
  3. Add the option for the budget to be dynamic and based on income that month. So fixed to income, or a percentage of that month’s income. I.e. budget is 90% of income in the budget cycle date. This would mean having to add another setting to the budget categories, a boolean, allow dynamic budget. So if I said my budget was 90% off my income, I could set bills, food, nursery to be fixed but the other categories would decrease/increase by the percentage change in income. Same for savings, dynamic savings budget based on income
  4. Create a debt/loan amount as offline account and then link it to a recurring payment to show that amount decreasing.

And one final thought, for the reporting of my data, a webpage where I can view this on a nice big screen and properly review categories, spending, etc. I have no issues setting this all up on my phone, but when I want to review what I spent and where and graph it then my 27" monitor is way better to visualise the data. The whole app doesn’t need to go in there, but some simple reports and graphs would be amazing.


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We are adding totals in the committed spending view, so this is sorted. :wink: