Cash management

One of the other things that I think Emma should look at is proper cash management.

Emma already has a very limited offering with sub market interest rates

If we look at what Flagstone and Insignis have to offer

The banks on Flagstone offer at the moment is close to the market rates ie 12 months 4.15%.

Insignis is more aligned to Financial advisors and their customer service is not good.

Flagstone is the market leader and they have excellent customer service but they have a min of £50k and take 0.15 % in commission.

Insignis does not communicate their commission or rates obtainable and you have to open an account to get these

There are other companies but they are limited in the banks they offer.

Emma could look at replicating this with the approx 40 banks and enter this market perhaps with a lower min and aligned more to the individual. Emma have the technical capability to create the processes involved and I am sure FCA approval should not be an issue


Hey Warren,

We love the thoughtful feedback it is always appreciated! As far as interest rates we are looking for a new partner to offer better rates for customers ASAP. We’ll keep you posted when that launches :smiley:

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