Cash Flows Feature

I’m really liking Emma! It’s replaced Albert and Intuit Mint for me. Thank you!

One idea I have is a cash flows feature to be added. The summary for liquidity, expenses, income, and budgeting are great! I find I cannot predict my cash flow in my Checking accounts, and was wondering if Emma could integrate the analysis already being done in other areas, such as recurring bills and expense vs income analysis, and use the data for a cash flow analysis? I bet your development team would make it Emma’es too :sunglasses:.

Your advanced/:face_with_monocle: users would greatly appreciate! Emma app would also be another step ahead of competing mobile apps imo.

Thank you for considering!


Do you have any example of cash flow analysis? Like what would like to see specifically or if there is another app that does it.

Happier to consider it. :muscle:

@edoardomoreni Thank you for the interest! Here are some examples from the mobile app Cash Flows.

A running account balance by transaction, recurring transactions future cash flow estimate and graph, and reporting to PDF or similar for user defined period.


Great idea. Would be useful to have something similar on an individual account basis

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Great idea. Yodlee does this well