Can't connect AMEX ICC Euro Basic Card

In addition to a Platinum Cashback Amex UK credit card, I also have an American Express Basic International Currency Card (ICC) denominated in Euros:
I live in the UK but use this card when travelling to Euro zone.
I have successfully added both Amex cards to Emma and used them successfully for a while. But then, at some point the Euro card stopped syncing as the 90 days period had ended, and asked me to re-authenticate with Amex to restore the syncing.
However this time it did not work like the first time. I have to say when I first added the Euro card, I was in the UK, whereas right now I am on vacation in Italy.
I am getting an error saying “Connecting to Emma is not available in your region” (see screenshot attached). I tried multiple times, even clearing the browser cache, logging out and in again (the Uk and the Euro cards use different username/passwords and also have distinct apps on my Android phone), and even trying connecting through a UK-based VPN service to make Amex/Emma believe I am located in the UK, but no luck…

I am a (happy) Emma premium subscriber and would really like to restore the Euro Amex connection sooner than later (e.g. retrying when I will come back to the UK in a months’ time).

Please help!


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Forgot to mention that, even marking the account as “closed” and re-adding it again as new did not work… :frowning:

Hey @lupocos, how long are you in Italy for?

For few months, we haven’t bought return tickets. We just got a baby and are planning to spend most of the parental leave in our home country close to the grandparents. Probably we’ll be back to London in October.

@lupocos was the last time you successfully renewed access to this Amex account in the last 90 days or longer than this?

I would say the last successful time was exactly 90 days ago, because I got the notifications earlier today, and I immediately acted upon by attempting to restore access (but failed as above mentioned).

@lupocos can you try to reconnect by using a vpn in the UK? No idea, but amex might block this in italy.

as I said above, I did try using a UK-based VPN. I have a Surfshark account which lists several UK servers, none worked…

The weird thing is that both my UK and Euro Amex cards needed the 90-day refresh today: I did manage to restore access for the UK Amex (even while being in Italy) whereas the Euro card gives me that above mentioned “not available in your region” error.

Maybe the browser is also using other location services? GPS/cell mast triangulation?

I’ll raise this issue with Amex and ask them what has changed. It may be the case that they removed support for Euro cards.

When I know more, I’ll update here!

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Hi all, no update from Amex as of yet but will keep you in the loop!

Another update for those tracking this thread - nothing yet from Amex but I’ve sent them a follow-up

Hi Team,

Here’s what we’ve heard from Amex regarding this issue

"The reason why the customer is receiving that message and is not able to grant access to his/her cards is due to access to American Express’ PSD2 Account Financials suite of APIs can only be granted to EU-authorised or registered TPPs accessing account information pertaining to American Express customers in the UK, France, Sweden, and Finland. Markets outside of the scope of those listed have been in consultation with American Express, and they have communicated that we are not currently legislated in the TPP OpenBanking of PSD2 according to local definition of a payment account.

We are currently working to continue dialogue with regulators to establish a timeline when they will look towards reevaluating credit accounts as in scope. At that time we will be happy to connect you to the American Express® suite of APIs beyond the UK, France, Sweden, and Finland. Once a solution has been put in place, we will be in touch with an update."

Just to add that the connection to my American Express MeliaRewards Gold (Spain) stopped working on 14th August. Before that, it had been working fine for more than a year, so this is a recent change Amex has made at their end. It would be great if they fix this soon.

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I am not really confident this will happen since they did it to comply with brexit. :cry:

So why France and not Spain?

To be honest, we don’t have much more information from them. We’ll keep asking. :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? I’ve just tried again and it’s still not working :frowning:

Hey @eloymora it looks like a resolution on this is going to be some time coming. It appears to be an issue that Amex recognises but is not an issue of urgency for them