16 - American Express - We're unable to complete your request

Hey there :metal:

Some users are reporting an issue adding their Amex card to Emma. They’re receiving the following error after they login to Amex

This is a known issue and we’ve reported it to the Amex Open Banking team.

We’ll continue to update here on the action and responses we get back from Amex :slight_smile:

Update 20th April

No follow-up today as I reported this last thing Friday afternoon. Will give them today to get back to me and if I hear nothing tomorrow morning, I’ll follow back up with them

Update 23rd April

Here’s the latest from Amex

"It seems there was an intermittent issue.

Would you please let us know if the customer is still getting the error? If so, can you let us know where the error is happening?

  • Is it happening when the customer tries to login?
  • Is it happening when the customer tries to authorize cards?"

For users affected, please reach out to chat and let us know exactly when your receiving the error so we can pass on the information to Amex. If you could provide a screen video of you encountering the error, that would be ultra useful.

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