American Express cards in Canada

Since the first day of using Emma(almost 2 months), I keep on reporting issues with the American Express card sync and hardly anything is ever resolved. It is super annoying as that’s like 70% of the transactions.

  1. Duplicated transaction- Never resolved by CS, I had no choice but exclude.

  2. Super delayed 3-5 days sync time extended to 5-7 days later and recently even after 10 days cards balances are not in sync. -Never resolved

  3. Missing transaction

  4. Transactions are not available earlier than 20th March 2019. -WRONG INFORMATION PROVIDED- Emma CS told me that plaid told you guys that it’s a bank who can decide how much can be accessed.

  5. One of Amex card is showing a lot of transaction in wrong currency whereas those transactions are purely Canadian, made in Canada in CAD and with the Canadian companies. -Never resolved

  6. All the transactions have posted dates rather than actual transaction dates. -Excuse given that this is how Emma works(WRONG INFO PROVIDES BY EMMA CS see below)

  7. Cards shows only limit and outstanding balance(delayed/Wrong numbers)


-On the plaid, there is more than one login For American express, after so many issues once I thought to give a try to American login for Canadian Amex and realized that many of the issues I am facing are not at all present in with US login,

-Transaction are always in sync max within 24hrs

-All the transactions from the date I opened the account are available rather than only 20th March are available

-All the transaction have a correct transaction date rather than posted date.

-Cards show outstanding balance, available balance and credit limit correctly as per the bank login.

Obviously, I could have just used US login if not all the transaction shows in USD for whatever reason but that helped me understand how Plaid/Emma make up the information just to excuse rather than solve customer issues.

DON’T TELL ME TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE AS I HAVE ALREADY MANY MANY TIMES, It’s time for senior management to look at the problem if they at least have any sense of understanding of customer service.

We emphasise with your situation @nilsej.

I can totally confirm that senior management has always been aware of these issues which seem to affect a fraction of Amex Canada users.

Regarding all the issues listed, both Edoardo and I have been personally reporting them to Plaid CS (see below a small selection) and, since their CS didn’t provide any satisfactory result, we even escalated to their CEO a couple weeks ago (a conversation that started here As you can see, our CS and senior management spent their entire August trying to fix this for you.

I hope you will appreciate this transparency and have some empathy in regards to our
small team as well. Please think twice before leaving messages like this, using an aggressive tone with our lovely CS people and leaving us 1-star reviews as you’ve done already. We care a lot about Emma being reliable and our team is working relentlessly towards that goal every day however, not being polite and publicly throwing shade on our team doesn’t speed up the resolution in any way.

Please keep reporting problems, we always appreciate the bug reports of dedicated users like you. Don’t lose faith, we’ll get there :slight_smile:

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I am closing this.

In terms of issues, we always say “contact support in the app” because we can’t see your userId from here; so we can’t really make an assessment of the situation. :slight_smile: