Can I use this like Quickbooks for a simple property rental business?

All I need to do is track income and expenses by categorising them, ‘rental income’ ‘repair expense’ etc etc.

Maybe add the odd receipt cash expense if that’s possible…

Hey @myEMMA :wave:

Sure! Keep in mind that you’ll need to have Emma Pro to create custom categories like ‘Rental Income’ :wink:

The important thing for doing my annual Self Assessment taxes, is to check, for example, ‘my income’ from dates from 6th April 2019 to 5th April 2020 for example, are there any filtering options to find how much I have received and also spent during a set time period of my choosing in this way?

There’s not currently a way to filter between certain dates in Emma, however, you can download your Emma data and that file will give you the dates, amounts and categories of all your transactions.

You can then use this data to find income between specific dates :slight_smile:

Ah I can do that manual method with my own bank statements so it wouldn’t be worth me paying a subscription to Emma for that.

If I could do it in the app between one tax year and the next it would be a good replacement from Quickbooks for me.