Bug report: Error creating manual account

I’m an Emma Pro user using an OnePlus 8 Pro running Android 10.
I get an error when I try create a manual account.
It asks me to enter an account name, then optional logo, then finally asks me if I want to create an account with £0.00 in it (It doesn’t seem to be a way to enter the amount or at least it is not very obvious in the UI since nothing appears to be clickable).
After clicking “Confirm offline account”, I get an error pop-up that just says “This is awkward, please try again”

Not sure if you are aware of this bug but thought I’d report it.
Is this the preferred way of reporting bugs or is there a better, more streamlined path for doing so?

Hi @paris

Are you by any chance creating the manual account while there are connected accounts updating in the background?

Do you know where you are accessing this feature from? :slight_smile: Like which button.

No accounts are in the process of syncing when I trigger the action.
I attempted to create the account by clicking on the card that says “You are on Emma Pro. Create a mannual account >”

Just realised there is a tiny link right at the bottom that says “Bank not available? Add it manually!”
When i click that it asks me for the amount in the account, and then follows the previous steps about asking for name, logo, etc.

My guess would be that the card doesn’t bring up the screen that asks for amount and perhaps when it tries to create the account there might be an error when creating an account with £0.00 funds? :thinking:

TLDR: Clicking the Yellow/oragne card at the top doesnt ask for amount and then gives and error. Clicking the text link at the bottom, does ask for an amount, and then successfully creates the account.