Best Subscription Services

Afternoon all :blush:

I’ve just seen this on the news and wanted to get your thoughts on it?

Pret have launched a subscription service - you pay £20 a month and you get access to 5 coffees/ teas/ frappes/ smoothies a day.

I don’t think I’ve had a takeaway coffee since lockdown began, so I can’t see myself ever buying into this, but do we have any coffee lovers who think this is a genius idea??

It is a good idea, from a retailer perspective.

With more people working from home, I bet they are feeling the pinch.

Unlikely to draw me in though.

Costa is my preference, but I already drink too much black coffee at home, let alone out.

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If they got a huge fleet of coffee vans and did this on the street, it would be wildly popular along the WFH population!

Love that idea!

Like ice cream vans, but for coffee :coffee:

There was a radio interview with Pret’s CEO recently too

Newscast: Pret A Danger

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I saw this in Wired and thought it interesting:

As someone who used Pret a lot, I’m not a fan of their drinks but guess I may try this.

I subscribe to a lot, as I prefer that to outright purchase or ownership, so it would fit right in.

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Really interesting read!

A Pret meal deal would be great :+1:

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