Best money books?

Haven’t heard of this one before, thanks for recommending!

Looking at the reviews now and quite a lot of people are saying it changed their life - would you agree? :raised_hands:


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I personally stick to online articles on savings and investment instead of books. For personal finance entertainment, I’d highly recommend Graham Stephan and Nate O Brien.

Thanks for sharing!

I haven’t come across Nate O’Brien before, and it looks like he’s mostly on Youtube which is great because I’ve been looking for some new people to watch on YT!

Other than Graham Stephan are there any other Youtubers you recommend?

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Hi Rebekah, yes Nate’s a youtuber.

I’d also recommend The Financial Diet - great money saving tidbits, high quality videos. All of my suggestions so far as American though. This means that there will be some terms that might seen unfamiliar to us like 401K, IRA and Roth IRA’s.

If anyone has any UK-based Youtube suggestions, I would be happy to check them out!

We follow The Financial Diet on Instagram but haven’t seen any of their YT videos! Will check them out :blush:

Me too!