Best broadband provider?

I saw this article today and it got me thinking…

When it comes to picking a broadband provider, does brand loyalty play a part in your decision, or do you simply choose based on the best deals? Are there any companies that you rate highly?

Best deal.

Sod brand loyalty.

How many companies are loyal to existing customers with better deals for new customers only? :man_shrugging:

That said, I’m finding my new Plusnet Broadband as equally poor as the Sky Broadband I just ditched.

Only 16 months left to go on the contract :grimacing:

Never brand, never price, always quality. I run a small server at home so upstream speed is as important as downstream for me, so I am lucky to have a symmetric service from Hyperoptic.

If I wasn’t with them, I would go with Zen, who are traditionally expensive. However, they did a project years ago to add their own equipment into the local exchanges, so only the last mile is shared with all ADSL broadband users. The green cabinet in the street (called a DSLAM) will be shared by all ADSL providers, and so by going with Zen that stops at the exchange.

Less latency and rare to have a speed restriction at “busy” times.

I used to install networks and focused on wireless links over a distance usually greater than 5km, still achieving over 300Mbps at the time. I could pay for 1Gbps now but it’s overkill for my needs. Speed really isn’t the primary selection criteria.

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Zen have been excellent.

Broadband for me is a minor cost, even at the higher end, so quality is everything.

I’ve never understood why ISPs don’t branch out into whole home solutions - wiring, mesh setup etc.

That would be a nightmare for them now selling a product vs a service. BT have done it with mesh solutions but meh.

I go for UniFi from Ubiquiti when it comes to mesh networking. Great handoff over each cell, awesome speeds, and at a good price.

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I use Aquiss for FTTP. Their customer service is great, replies within a day and it’s very knowledgeable. Unfortunately it’s also on the Openreach network and it’s a bit more expensive than BT but I get the speed I pay for :slight_smile: (yes, it’s a referral link… although I have no idea what the reward is)

Zen emailed me today to say they had become a certified B-Corp!! Woohoo!

Zen supply this for £7.99 a month. Can’t find much about it though

As they say

our ultimate purpose is not to provide a return to shareholders but to deliver happiness to our people, our customers and our suppliers

I like the Fritz stuff, good German engineering. It’s not feature rich but it certainly is reliable.

There’s a Fritzbox router installed in a business I work with with a site-to-site VPN in, has been up for 3 years and 14 days!


Reviews are everything. If they have less than four stars, I’m not touching it. Price point is of course big for me, also referral codes. If I can put my referral code out there easily, that’s a selling point. I’ve saved £100 on my internet bill simply by putting my Hyperoptic referral code out on the internet. I love Hyperoptic for its super-fast speed, quick installation and promo code! :+1:t3:

I look for the deal. Broadband is a commodity, most of it comes through the same wires regardless of provider.

Currently, I’m with Plusnet. For what I want they’re the cheapest and I’ve had no issues with them.

I moved into a new build and the router was already there. Hyperoptic for me.

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I’m with Plusnet and find the range of signal from the router poor.

Low speed, if any at all, in my rear garden, just 10m from my router!!

I live alone so not even as if multiple devices in use :man_shrugging:

What speed? I’m moving in 10 days and am staying with Hyperoptic but new contract so discount 1 Gbps.

My flat s quite small and so that isn’t an issue for me.

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Awesome! Symmetric makes the heart grow fonder.

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Anyone looking for a good deal on their internet? :eyes:

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