Barclaycard Avios Credit Card


I’ve recently signed up for the Barclaycard Avios Plus Credit Card. This is a new Mastercard that gives you 1.5 Avios for every £1 spent and that has an attractive sign-up bonus of 25,000 avios. It’s got a monthly cost of £20. There is also a free version. More info here:

The thing is I can’t add it to Emma. Although Barclaycard is one of the supported integrations, it looks like this card (I guess both types) is not supported. Please see attached screenshot.

Can you please advise? It would be a shame if this card is not accepted, as this is now my card which I’m using for pretty much everything.


Hey Eloy :wave:

Barclays has a weird rule which makes you wait 5 days before you’ll be able to connect new Barclays accounts to third parties.

If you find it still isn’t working after 5 days, let us know and we can escalate to Barclays

Thanks, Joel. I’ll give it a few more days and try again. Will let you know!

Hi @Joel. I’ve tried again this morning and it’s still not working. Can you please check with Barclays?


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Hey, I’m in the same boat. Have waited the 5 day “entry period” for Barclaycard, which at least means you aren’t just greeted with an unspecified error code on Barclaycard app anymore, however it still seems like this card is not available to build into the Emma service via open banking.

Could you get in contact with them to understand if there’s a timeline for this card (I have the premium version) may be active?

I presume they’re just taking things in steps, as they still haven’t even sorted things like Google pay or even paying my statement without calling them yet! So white sure it’s their fault, not Emma’s :wink:

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@eloymora @Dwild741 Barclaycard supports open banking but the Barclaycard app is problematic. Uninstall the Barclaycard app then connect Emma to Barclaycard (you will be relayed to Barclaycard website to login and approve the connection). Once connected you can reinstall the Barclaycard app.

Wow. Perfect yep that was the problem. I will let Barclaycard know as their tech support were hopeless/clueless about this. Thank you!

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Thanks! That solved the problem