Bank Fees And Refunds / Reimbursements

First off, the bank fees feature saved me $150 shortly after starting to use Emma because one of my credits cards was about to renew and since it is a travel card (with priority pass access) and not much travel is going on at the moment, I was able to remove two authorized users resulting in the above savings. :money_mouth_face: :grinning:

One thing that I find misleading though is that you only count fees but not reimbursements from banks. For example, my checking account has no fees with a minimum balance and reimburses ATM fees. That is a tiny benefit but will probably keep this checking account because I never have to worry about how much an ATM changes when I need cash.

For the travel credit card, while it has a steep fee of $450, it comes with a yearly travel credit and this past year had some other promotions which in effect resulted in a true fee of about $50.

Maybe you could recognize these reimbursements and fee reversals and display them on the bank fee screen in order to provider a better overall picture. Attached are two screenshots of these type of transactions.

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Hi @thorben

If you have Pro, you can create a custom category, such as “Card fees and refunds”, then recategorise all these transactions to your new category.

Unfortunately, the only way then of getting a simple annual overview is to download all your data and look at it in Excel.

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Yea, that’s a good solution as far as how to account for the fees and refunds in one’s budget especially once budgets roll over month to month.

I suppose my suggestions were more targeted at improving the accuracy and overall pictures of the data presented in the bank fees section in the app.

Maybe there should just be a category for this for everyone, so you can adjust to improve accuracy.

Annual category and spending overviews are strangely lacking


This is amazing! :raised_hands:

This is something we could definitely look at adding :slight_smile:

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