Apple Bundles/ Subscription Service

Looks like Apple might be launching a subscription service that bundles different services together!

Seems as if there are going to be different tiers at different prices with the basic tier including Apple music & Apple TV, with other tiers including their arcade service, news, extra storage, etc

What are your thoughts? Would you buy into this subscription service?

Unfortunately the whole service kinda suck, I just want Music, News & iCloud. Don’t really need Fitness+ or TV+ (which they give with new devices for free anyways) or even Apple Arcade (since I don’t play games on phone)

It’s also not really much of a discount when I pay £4,99 for Music and would only pay just over £15 for all of the above together, I guess I’d get arcade for free as a bonus? 🥲

Did Apple TV + not interest you?

I don’t have it, but I’ve heard that there were some good shows on there!

Don’t really watch tv but regardless got it for free for a year with my Mac, haven’t used it once