Beginner Question: can I have totals for income?

I wonder if its possible to have a running monthly total for incomes - like from my employer = so I can see how much they pay me over a few months. And on the other side - spending running totals by merchants.
Thank you
(I have already discussed how good Emma is on my Facebook so my friends can join in) and also a glowing review in Play Store.
Happy Hans

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If you go to Analytics and click the Income section, you can see the past months from there. :slight_smile:

ps: this is the same for Merchants.


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Thank you very much. Now let me try it out!

I’d second the idea. Would like a running total (cumulative) for expense and income categories, merchants, totals.


What do you mean?

Yes but it has to be fun and simple = no big changes. It would be nice to see total pay this year as a running total. It could be simply faces with the total in the eyes! But nothing heavy - Emma isn’t an account package but a savings/budget app! My view!!

… I mean track spend over longer periods, eg over 12 months, so that annual costs (e.g. insurance) are in context…
So in effect a simple method to plan / budget, incl. infrequent costs.

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The two things I think need adding to the search screen to give you this would be:

  1. Custom date range
  2. Total for all search hits, perhaps also totals by month, year etc.
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Yes, we are going to get this done.

The plan is to eventually remove What Did I Spend from the feed cause Search is so good that we don’t need it anymore.

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