Separate yearly/ annual budgets besides monthly budgets

There’s a discussion here but there’s no concrete conclusion yet.

There are ideas here which I’ve considered myself but they are not sufficiently convenient.

Can we simply have yearly budgets in a separate section/ screen besides the primary monthly budgets?
Everyone is different but I imagine a lot people will have payments with the following characteristics

  • Happens once or twice a year but not every month
  • Amount can varies
  • Dates varies

Examples from my own use cases

  • Pet visits
  • Annual subscriptions for apps and services
  • Sports clubs
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We are currently redesigning analytics and budgets in Emma.

The idea is to create more space and flexibility for this specific use case.


I would like the flexibility to specify a different period for each budget.

Things I buy once per year or when an need/opportunity arises (insurance, home/housing, holidays, gifts) would be annual. I’d love to have a monthly gift budget but Christmas happens once a year and birthdays in my family are like buses.

Things I buy monthly or multiple times per month (transport, groceries, utilities) would be monthly.

Discretionary things I buy often/regularly but not necessarily every month (clothing, eating out) would be quarterly. I don’t want the pressure of having to eat out before the end of this month in order to avoid going over budget next month. I like to buy clothes in person rather than online, but I’m not going to make a trip every month just so that I can stick to a monthly budget.

Although, now that I work from home more my biggest transport expense is petrol - I fill the car up less than once a month, so it probably would make more sense for my transport budget to be quarterly. But since the only reason I have car insurance and breakdown cover is because I have a car, I’m thinking I should move them both from Insurance to Transport - and because they are both single annual payments then I would have to make my transport budget annual.


Thanks for the detailed description.
Everyone’s budget is different and we all handle our budgets different. We are looking into making the template more flexible, to fit your unique circumstances.

These are the exact same reasons I found myself on this page and I couldn’t have said it better. Emma App developers should really introduce a solution here.

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