Budget Forcasting

It would be awesome to be able to scroll ahead to future months and adjust budgets when we know we’ll have more expenses in one category than we normally would.

It would be very helpful for planning.

Emma is great right now for expense management but I’d love some forecasting.

Love this idea @mwarren594 :ok_hand:
Forecasting is definitely something we’re looking into - how many months ahead would you find useful?

At least one month would be awesome!

Okay great, that’s good to know! Thanks @mwarren594 :+1:

Hi there,
I would like to be able to forecast my budget for the upcoming months, rather then a static budget.
For example, I have a few big birthdays in October, so I would like to increase my ‘gifts’ budget for October (this is one of my custom categories). And for those months with 5 weeks, I’d like to increase my petrol, groceries budget etc.
Rolling budgets don’t quite achieve this for me.

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I’d like to add to this certain payments/ subscriptions which are not monthly. For example, I have the dog food delivered on a 6-weekly schedule. And window cleaning/dog grooming is done every 6 weeks or so etc.
Thank you :blush:

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Hey @BeccaMilano :wave:

Welcome to the Emma community, and thanks for your suggestion :blush:

Same question as above, but how far in advance would you like to be able to set flexible budgets for?

Hello :blush:
The year would be good. That way I can set out 4/5 week months, where birthdays fall, as well as where annual payments such as car insurance will fall

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