Accounts chart is inaccurate

Just wanted to ask a couple questions about the chart on the Accounts tab, that is supposed to be reflecting the total amount. To me it looks not only useless but also completely broken. Y axis is supposed to be ‘money left’, but I have multiple instances when a ‘higher dot’ would have smaller budget compared to a ‘lower dot’. This is finance app - the chart should be showing a precise spend picture, e.g. like stocks charts. In other words it should be a Monzo chart, not a Revolut one :wink:

What is your view on this?


The Monzo chart is always broken for me. :laughing:

We know it can be inaccurate in some instances and have plans to change this in the next few weeks.

We have been a bit lazy about this; but I am sure we can get it done really soon.


So a year later, and no changes… This is a fundamentally important feature in a finance app, and has been reported numerous times!

The current implementation looks pretty but isn’t particularly functional, other than for a very long-term overview. I would also be in favour of changing to a numerically accurate graph, preferably with the ability to adjust the time scale to whatever you want (and certainly longer than the current 1yr limit).

We actually released a massive change 3 days ago that improves the accuracy.

We have decided to plot “periods averages” and make sure the numbers move according to the graphs.

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It’s live on Android and will be pushed out on iOS tomorrow.


This hasn’t really improved anything. Can we have an option to turn off the averages, and just see the actual figures?

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