1 in 5 workers earning a salary above $100K are living paycheck to paycheck

1 in 5 people making more than $100K a year are still living paycheck to paycheck according to research by global advisory firm Willis Towers Watson.

Stats like this make me think that earning more money doesn’t always mean you’ll suddenly know how to manage your money better.

What do you think about this? Would you expect someone earning $100K a year to manage their money well?

It’s all about that lifestyle creep!

If you can afford a new car then you justify the expenditure when a 2nd hand would do the job fine.

Why send your kids to state school when they’ll, statistically, get a better start going private

I guess when you make that sort of cash appearances start to matter more because of the circles you run in as well

I bet they have great pensions too so saving for the future is less of a priority

I’d like to think I’d just invest that money and retire at 35. I’m good as long as I have enough to live on and a little extra to enjoy life.

If you earn more the things that matter most to you get more money, in fact I think all the little thing just get a bit mote and it all adds up.

If you are good at saving you will save more. If you spend on family you will spend more, and still stretch your finances to do that little bit extra. Private school over state schools, both school trips not one.

I don’t think having more money makes you any better at managing your money. I think you grow into spending the income that you have.

Not surprising to be honest, lifestyle creep is a thing indeed.

At 100k a year I’d probably be putting back most in the bank, at the very least to put my children through a Russell Group.

Would also be ensuring they were learning an Ancient Language + doing lessons in an instrument.

But then again, my family isn’t from a wealthy cloth. So I would be aiming to set my children up to that lifestyle so they’d continue what I’d built and see it as normal.

Lifestyle creep is real! I just had two weeks of intense work :money_mouth_face: and found myself purchasing a £430 LED light face mask from Dr Dennis Gross :flushed: somehow I talked myself into buying this! Emma admin, I think we need a blog on how to resist lifestyle creep. It’s insidious.

I wouldn’t get lifestyle creep and natural selection confused, this is just plain stupid since it’s pretty well understood now that reusable face masks that you’d buy at sports direct etc actually yknow aren’t that good at doing what the ones we’d buy to dispose

The real question is, does it work? :thinking:

I think @London_Gal meant this one

Well, I’ll eat my hat

I guess it probably does work for that amount of money

I have the slightly cheaper version of this from Current Body :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’ve been using it for a couple of months - haven’t noticed a huge difference yet but hoping it’ll keep wrinkles at bay for a while longer haha…

Let us know what you think of the pricier one!

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It’s too early to tell but I had tried a cheaper one with similar tech for about two months and saw a difference. This one takes just 3 minutes so I’m saving on time, and as a freelancer my time is money. At least that’s how I sold it to myself :joy:


It’s true, the more you earn the more you spend.
Last year we started transferring any pay rises out of our current account wish we started doing that years ago!

That’s a great method @Bigben!

It’s so tempting to want to spend the extra cash but if you can afford your current lifestyle, you should aim to save and/or invest the difference you don’t really ‘need’.