Your own money saving tricks/tips?

I have tesco current account for bills that my pay goes in to I have legal and general for my pension 7% of my pay that my employer matches ,legal and general stock and shares isa me and my wife pay £50 in to help to save that the govt pay £25 bonus on both after two years and santanda savings account of £75 a month ,no cards no debts and two db pensions

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Besides being an engineer am I’m also interested in finance. I’m a big fan of passive income methods. I’m trying to put aside as much money as I can and invest it. I’m a dividend investor so I buy dividend stocks mainly shares of US companies. As a Hungarian I also buy Hungarian state securities mainly those that track inflation as I think the current financial cycle is reaching its peak (it’s all over in the news too haha) and in the next couple of years we’re gonna see higher inflations so in my opinion a diversified portfolio should contain inflation save investments too. So this is my strategy in a couple of sentences. :grinning: