What do you use for managing your finances?

Sorry if there’s another similar topic but I’m curious to see how other people manage their money!

Personally I go like this:

  • BA Amex for day to day spending: Juicy reward points (and they port your history to their other branches abroad)
  • Aqua Rewards (0.5% cashback) through Curve, where not accepted (I can’t think of anywhere that I purchase things above £100 and doesn’t take Amex)
  • Curve (although I dislike the product I still don’t know anything similar to it)
  • Starling for my main banking as it gives me a good overview (although I may switch this to HSBC as they can port your credit history)
  • Revolut for any spending I need to do in foreign currencies (as my Aqua limit is too low to make this viable unless I paid it off abroad once or maybe twice - this may change when the limit is raised though)
  • Metro as they open late and have alright CS
  • TSB because switching bonus - this will die soon. Going to switch to Monzo and then have them close the account :joy:
  • Freetrade for Investments
  • Paypal to increase my Amex acceptance
  • Nationwide for my student account
  • Emma to make sure I’ve not spent more than I can afford on my credit cards (and to have a nicer feed than Amex provides!)

That’s an interesting topic. Personally I’m using Revolut for all non-European transactions, excluding PayPal. This way I get 1% cashback on all of my transactions. Within Europe I use my Shell MasterCard through Curve and get 1% cashback on all my European transactions. The reason why I use Curve in PayPal rather than Revolut for non-European transactions is that PayPal processes their transactions in Europe regardless of the currency, meaning Revolut would only have given me a 0.1% cashback. The cashback I earn from my Shell MasterCard can either be transfered into Scandinavian Airlines Bonus Miles or taken out in money.

When booking flight tickets I use my American Express card. For regular transactions I would get the same ammount of points as with the Shell MasterCard, but with purchases of flight tickets I am given 25 points per 100 NOK compared to the regular 15 points per 100 NOK.

My traditional Norwegian bank account is mainly used to receive my Student Loan and to deposit money. My Chase bank account is used to deposit cash, for Venmo and for paying my tuition.

Then I use Emma and Spendee to track my spending. Spendee supports the same banks as Emma, with the addition of AmEx (Norway) and my Norwegian bank. I also use Spendee to manually enter in transactions of account not supported by either service. I’ve five years of financial data in Spendee and would like to be able to export this and import it into Emma if Emma would allow that.


Hi guys
Well it’s Starling and Emma for me! With two saving pots in wealth simple, a isa for longterm and a personal savings pot! Quite simple really. My wife has a santander account for household etc. I really don’t like santander cos it’s fiddly. Simple is best for me

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I keep things simple too:

  • I use Monzo for every day spending like food and travel so I can keep track otherwise I just keep tapping my contactless until there is nothing left.
  • I have a Santander joint account which me and my bf use for all bills. Everything comes out on the same date each month. We don’t use the Santander rewards that much which is why I am thinking of moving to the 123 account to save on bills.
  • My main account is with HSBC and I have a savers account with them also. I am mainly with them because I have been since I was 16.
  • I have two credit cards one with hsbc (I don’t really use this) and one with Santander, which I use for big purchases.
  • I used to use PayPal a lot because I had a reselling business but now I use it if I don’t want to put my card details in a particular website or for ease of use.
  • Of course I use Emma to manage everything - but that’s an obvious one :wink:
  • I am thinking of getting Revolut for travelling too but I don’t have any trips abroad planned at the moment!
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I’m going to recommend doing your conversion during the week to avoid Revolut’s 0.5% markup.

Alternatively something like:

  • Halifax Clarity
  • Tandem
  • Aqua Rewards

^^ Might be useful, especially for merchants that process offline as Revolut isn’t guaranteed to be accepted (merchants often reject Revolut when processing transactions offline due to the large risk factor)

Remember to leave a backup card in the hotel safe!

Worst comes to worst I think you could set up a Starling account on the fly and add that to Apple/Google Pay before the card comes!


Sounds good! I will definitely look into these :slight_smile: thank you