Unusual Money Saving Tips

Hey folks,

Do you have any money saving / money making tips that other people might not have heard of before? :eyes:

Perhaps you know a really cool way to buy discounted goods, or you’ve had success with using apps to get freebies - maybe you have an interesting tip for budgeting, or increasing your income?

We wanna know about themmm! :raised_hands:


A friend of mine uses a separate bank for their day to day expenses, they’ll set themselves a budget and transfer that amount to the other card and leave the main one at home.

Take out a Medicash insurance policy for access to perks at work (discounted gift cards and ecodes)

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This is similar to what I do :slight_smile: Each month I transfer my spending money into Monzo and set myself a budget that I have to stick to!

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Could never do that, that’ll probably give me anxiety :joy:

Haha really!

I mean, I still take all my cards out with me - just in case for whatever reason Monzo doesn’t work, but having my “spending money” on one card helps keep my spending in line!


Has anyone watched the new Martin Lewis’ Extreme Savers on ITV?

It features someone that uses re-usable toilet roll, someone that had a special coat made so they didn’t have to pay for luggage on flights, and someone who has claimed thousands of pounds worth of competition prizes…

I’m not sure I’d be up for re-using loo roll haha, but quite impressed with how these people are managing to find new ways to save money!

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Have you thought about getting Curve?

No I’ve never really considered Curve before, but maybe I should give it a go! Is that what you use?

Absolutely. It’s free and there isn’t really negatives other than it doesn’t support Amex. It means now that I never have to carry my cards around with me ever (and I have one could say too many cards)

Have you not considered because you were concerned about it?

The big negative for it is if you use it for your Credit cards. It stops Section 75 protection.

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If a website takes usd and gbp, it might be cheaper to pay in USD. I end up saving about 4 percent, which adds up as this is the markup some websites impose for fx. Make sure to use fee-free credit/debit card for non-sterling purchases

Hmm I guess I’ve never really considered it because I don’t mind carrying multiple cards around with me - I don’t have a huge number of cards (4?) so it’s never been enough of a pain to look for alternatives!

I’m deffo up for giving it a go though - do they have any referral schemes or anything like that?

This is a great tip - I’d never think to see if I could pay in another currency :clap:

This I forgot. There is a small negative is you’re a credit card user

They do but I’ll let @TheMightySwordfish give you his code if he has one. If he doesn’t I’ll give you mine.

Definitely give it a try just to see how you find it

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Thanks Joel :heart: You didn’t have to do that.

Hey, Curve puts your finances in one place by connecting your debit and credit cards to one app. Sign up with this link!

I find it handy for using when the Missus has my Crypto.com card for the shopping and I use it on the coffee machine at work😏

Ahh I just tried your link and it says the code has expired?! :slightly_frowning_face:

Strange, taken right out the app :thinking:


Oop that one took me to a code for Crypto, not curve!

Sorry. This one is right out of Curve app :expressionless:

Hey, Curve puts your finances in one place by connecting your debit and credit cards to one app. Sign up with this link!