Unusual Money Saving Tips

Hey folks,

Do you have any money saving / money making tips that other people might not have heard of before? :eyes:

Perhaps you know a really cool way to buy discounted goods, or you’ve had success with using apps to get freebies - maybe you have an interesting tip for budgeting, or increasing your income?

We wanna know about themmm! :raised_hands:


A friend of mine uses a separate bank for their day to day expenses, they’ll set themselves a budget and transfer that amount to the other card and leave the main one at home.

Take out a Medicash insurance policy for access to perks at work (discounted gift cards and ecodes)

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This is similar to what I do :slight_smile: Each month I transfer my spending money into Monzo and set myself a budget that I have to stick to!

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Could never do that, that’ll probably give me anxiety :joy:

Haha really!

I mean, I still take all my cards out with me - just in case for whatever reason Monzo doesn’t work, but having my “spending money” on one card helps keep my spending in line!