What's the most you'd pay for...?

I was having this discussion with my friends the other day, and thought it might be interesting to ask the Emma Community!

What’s the max amount of money you’d spend on:

  • An item of clothing
  • An alcoholic drink
  • Brunch
  • A piece of tech


I would want all to be special in some sort of way.

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Volume? Location?

Nothing (Covid)

For me? Work stuff counts?


Hmm, just a normal-sized drink at your local?

And a piece of tech for you - work stuff doesn’t count!

I think I’d go:

But it’s a very blurry line for the self-employed.

Maybe £400?

£45 - shirt
£28 - bottle of wine in restaurant in London :man_shrugging: (Less than a fiver at Aldi :rofl:)
£9.50 - Premier Inn, all you can eat. Didn’t eat again until the evening!
£1300 - MacBook Pro

I’ve heard that their wine is actually really good :joy:

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I can vouch for their red, yes :+1:

Which is insane, considering the margin is probably not much above £1.

A £20 bottle has a margin more like £6-£7, so should be miles better!

Alas, not in my experience.

If only we weren’t living in a Covid world right now we could have organised an Emma user event/ Aldi wine tasting evening :joy:

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It just goes to show how incredibly high the basic standards have become and how efficient the industry is that you can get a decent bottle for £5 that cost the producer 30p to create impressing you just as much as or more than a £20 bottle that maybe cost £6-£7 to produce the wine

Oh it’s only on the one bottle that I have found so far.

Others have tasted about 30p worth :tired_face: