What investment platform should I use?

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Help needed!

I’m starting to look into investing and need recommendations on the best investment platforms? Ideally looking for a platform with low fees and an ethical portfolio. I was thinking Wealthify but maybe there is better ones out there? Any ideas?



Personally I would go with something like Freetrade where you pick your shares directly

Not a portfolio thing that chooses itself for you

They have 0 fees and since you’re investing yourself you won’t have to worry about the ethicalness of the company since you can check yourself (although I personally wouldn’t go chasing ethics over profit)

Afraid this is all the advice I can give since I don’t touch premade plans

You may be interested in tickr.

The fees are comparable to Wealthify (I think - please check!), but the portfolios are all focused on ethical companies.

It will be more expensive than plain old ETFs with Freetrade or even with Vanguard et al, but might be worth it for simplicity and ethics. So perhaps worth researching a bit.

For general discussion, the Freetrade forum is a good place to start.

I referred him to WealthSimple, but he doesn’t want to grab my link. :laughing:

There are apps like Acorns and Robinhood.

Can I ask why you don’t touch premade plans?

I trust myself to either gain or lose my own money. Don’t need someone else to do that for me :slight_smile:

I use Vanguard. They are a mutual, which means that they keep fees low and put their customers first. It’s worth looking at Jack Bogle who founded Vanguard for insight into their values.


For ethical options though?

Vanguard have a couple of ethical funds





But a portfolio? I think the OP is after something ready made.

I’d love to see Emma Investments by Vanguard. :stuck_out_tongue: