What happened with Starling?

This morning Emma asked to renew my Starling connection.

Starling is now showing as three connections in the list.

I’ve managed to reconnect my personal account, but joint and business not connecting, even though I get a successfully connected message…

Has something changed?

Please, can you talk to support for this kind of issues? We don’t know your user id from here and so can’t resolve. :slight_smile:

It’s worth checking out how many connections you have added…This happens if you don’t follow the procedure with the “let’s fix this” button.

Sure! I was just wondering whether you’d moved to the new API, but it sounds like that’s not what’s causing this

Quick update, all our connections are broken. We are talking to Starling.

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My starling is okay. No issues at all. It’s been fine all day

How many Starling accounts do you have connected?
My personal is working, others not

Hi @Gaoler = no just the one = my personal account (we only have one Starling Ac)
All the best

This is fixed.

Starling logged out people who connected prior December 2018. :sweat_smile: