What are your favourite forums?

Hey Everyone,

I know that some of you are part of other forums like Monzo and Revolut, but what other forums are you part of? Which ones are your favourite and why?

Please share below :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Favorite forum? FintechTalk
Close second? Emma

Other forums?

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What is Zevvle and Dangerous things?

Zevvle is a phone network that’s planning to eventually offer truly global roaming by opening MVNO’s in every country (although this is a decade away minimum)

DangerousThings is for biohacking. I want an implant that lets me pay for things :slight_smile:

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an implant that lets you pay for things… not sure about that haha

It’s just like a little NFC loop inside your card but compressed into something hand sized


interesting, I will check out both pages to see what they are saying!

My Forum is Bowel Cancer UK forum - here I have supported people with this dreadful disease for six years. Its off topic but thats what I do. Its part of my ‘giving’ back for having a happy life and wonderful wife.


:clap: hopefully we can get rid of cancer entirely in the next decade. People have been experimenting with animal venom iirc that seems to target the cancer specifically!


Let’s hope so @Recchan! There have been many quick fix cures = but it seems a long slog to find the help needed. It maybe over 200 illnesses. Over the last six years I can see people living longer in the forum but it’s not a forum for the faint hearted!! I think the overall message is ‘enjoy the day and make the most of everything’

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This is really sad but I am glad there are at least forums out there to support those people. Sometimes I think people don’t get enough support when it comes to mental health and illness.


Yes that’s true. But I give them a chance to be heard and be themselves. I plan to write a guide for caring cos that’s what’s needed to help with the unknown.
Happy days


Probably here (unless you count Faceache, but I am trying to come off that, though it is hard as so many friends and family are on it)

I sometimes use the Discogs forum (which is for record and/or cd collectors) and would consider forums for action figure nerds and heart-failure patients as well if I could find decent ones


Hey @Orko

What is Faceache?

My slightly derogatory term for Facebook. I don’t like data harvesting which is one reason I tend to avoid Android systems like the plague

hahahah ah okay! I probably should have realised that :joy:

Yeah I only have facebook to stay in touch with family and friends but I was considering deleting at some point

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