"Virtual" accounts

I think I’ve said something similar to this before, but I can’t find it again…

I’ve been using Emma Pro for a while, but really it’s only custom categories that I use regularly.

A really nice improvement from my experience would be the ability to create manual accounts from a set of existing transactions in a connected account.

So, Starling is my connected account for Marcus and for my pension and ISA etc.

I can search and find a list of all the transactions for each of those accounts.

What would be nice would be to create a virtual account that combines all those transactions and lets you enter the current balance. And then updates automatically when there are new transactions in the connected account.

You could even create simple account templates for savings, investments, cash etc. So, you might get a reminder to check your investments balance once in a while and the account would adjust and show you gain or loss when you update the balance. A savings account would remind you to enter interest payments once in a while.

As it looks like lots of accounts won’t be available any time soon via APIs, I think this would be a nice addition to Pro.



This is a super popular request that I get multiple times per day on chat. How you’ve described how it works, however, is really interesting. Rest assured, we’re actively considering it :wink:



ALL THE YES! I love this idea. Would solve so many problems and hugely reduce manual admin.

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