Vanguard Integration

Is there any update on Vanguard integration?

Not yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadness, I want to see how much money I’m losing on my investments :frowning:

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My friend :thinking: this isn’t how investments are meant to work :grimacing:

I guess there s still no progress in this, but what’s the current situation? Is vangard even planning to offer openapi? Just to have an idea about the likehood of this to happen

They don’t have any legal requirement unfortunately.

that’s sad :frowning: . Any change to do this using web crawling? (I know is probably very dirty and maybe illegal , just asking because I really want this! )

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It can be done but requires a lot of developer and maintenance (they usually break on a weekly basis), so we are not really focused on them at this point.

With offline accounts and smart rules, the same experience can be created more or less.

I understand. Make sense, web crawling is a nightmare to mantain :confused:
thanks fo the hint!

Hey, I presume this is the same answer and they are not offering any timeline on offering open API. That is a shame, but want to throw my voice on the pile of requesters :slight_smile:

I update manually and use smart rules today, so definitely manageable, but would be great to have this behave more like my Nutmeg and Pension Bee accounts!