Travel insurance only for half the population

There should be a message on the travel insurance policy link page that they will not provide cover if you are over 45 years old to stop wasting your customers time

Emma should not be engaging with a partner that is not prepared to offer a proper and full service. Discrimination on the basis of age is just not some thing a reputable supplier should do
You have my date of birth in your data so it would be really easy for you to not present this page to me as it is a complete waste of time and if course it degrades trust in that whole area
You also need to provide the facility for us to hide the individual pages where we chose. I would hide the following. The travel insurance one because they are discriminating on the basis of age. The broadband one as I have just signed a 24 month contract. The house insurance one because they do not cover my type of property. Grade II listed. The pension consolidation one as all of mine are already under one supplier. The pension suppliers one as their fees are all higher than my current suppliers. In Summary there is not much there that interests me. The energy supplier one may be useful but you have to remember to input all your data again as it will not refresh on the data already input so a poor design. On the car one I will have a look a month before my next renewal but usually can not match my current suppliers renewal quote

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Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate that not all may apply exactly to you and I know that team have had the suggestion to allow users to remove ones that aren’t relevant. For the time being, we’re leaving it as it is while we power through developing other important features but I’m sure in the future we’ll revisit and see how can improve this tab.

Just a note on your birth date, we don’t have or store information about this :wink: