Types Of Insurance In The UK

I don’t know about everyone else, but insurance is one of the things I most hate paying for…

However, last year I reluctantly paid a huge amount in travel insurance, which then came in super handy when I had £4Ks worth of claims to make :joy:

I’ve just published a guide to the different types of insurance in the UK, where I’ve looked at car insurance, life insurance, contents insurance, and more!

Which types of insurance do you never fail to buy?

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The usual really.

Buildings, Contents, Car, and Travel.

Used to have Life Assurance, but not any more.

Hi Rebekah

I currently buy household and motor insurance with providers tending to vary yearly after reviewing renewal quotes. Also always buy travel insurance for trips overseas. Although not taking many overseas trips at the moment

Lastly also have private medical insurance which is the one that tends to cause me the biggest headache. Been with an existing provider for some time and not easy to move to a new provider and get the same cover. However due to exorbitant increase in premium at this years renewal will definitely be looking at a new provider for this

Yeah, I think this is one of the least common types of insurance that people take out?

I can’t imagine too many people have been buying travel insurance this year :cry:

Oo this was one type of insurance I didn’t cover in the article. I hope you manage to sort out switching plans soon without too much hassle :crossed_fingers:

On the back of your article, @rebekah, I googled for different types of insurance and was surprised to discover one called Umbrella Insurance.

Now I know those pesky, blustery, winds can cause your brolly to flip inside out and break, but really? Insurance to cover the cost of a new :umbrella: ?

Turns out that this type of insurance is what I knew as Gap Insurance.

Only time I have seen it offered was when a colleague bought a pre-registered car, and the dealership offered it as cover for any shortfall (following a total loss or theft claim) between the insurers’ value of the car, and the purchase price. Allegedly, could only be bought at time of purchase of the vehicle.
(Suggests to me that the vehicle is over-priced to start with then, and the dealership know that!)

I assume then that Umbrella, or Gap Insurance is still available to the public and wonder how many readers actually subscribe to them, or have done at some point in their lives. :thinking:

I am probably over-insured but;

  • Home (Contents)
  • Travel (Annual)
  • Life Assurance
  • Loss of income (it doesn’t cover all my salary but most of it)
  • Health insurance

Life insurance, home insurance, motor insurance, medical insurance, dental insurance, car hire excess insurance, annual travel insurance, car breakdown insurance, …

You can get insurance for practically any risk, at a price - didn’t Heidi Klum insure her legs? And didn’t some scotch whiskey company offer £1m to whoever could prove the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, and then took out insurance against the risk of having to pay out?

I just have Vitality + whatever Amex gives. :sweat_smile:

Haha for a small $2M! David Beckham has his legs (and face) insured for a reported $195M!

Hmm I haven’t really heard too much about it! Is it mostly just for people who buy new cars?