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Michael Burry, the investor who made billions shorting the US subprime mortgages (might also remember him from the film The Big Short?) has put a $530m bet against Tesla…

What do we think? Is Tesla old news?

I have never touched the stock, but what I found interesting was this article linked in the above:


He definitely has a good history of being right about these things :eyes::thinking:

Tesla is clearly overpriced, looking at the fundamentals. The trouble, as with any innovative tech company, is that it could deliver crazy returns, so people get sucked in. It doesn’t help that the media hypes it up too. For anyone not a hedge fund manager, stick to tracking the market

IMO, it’s the Yahoo of electric vehicles :joy:

For the sake of my investment, I’m very much hoping it is not old news :crossed_fingers: :sweat_smile:


I think the most interesting part is how their biggest profit driver isn’t actually the cars, but selling environmental credits to other companies so they don’t have to pay emission fines

A really clever idea, but as these other companies start producing more elec cars themselves they surely won’t need to buy these credits any more?

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Mine was a very short trip. :sob:

@Gaoler Although, if I had hold the stock, I’d have £300 now.

I sold when they were extremely high, making just over a grand, but I haven’t touched them since. They become more volatile each week and that’s not for me.

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Also after what happened yesterday…

How Twitter can control the world. :scream:

I have no idea what that references. What happened?

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Crypto collapsed and the world hates Elon Musk?

Oh I briefly heard something about that on a work call today. I’m lucky I got out of Tesla but I’ve avoided crypto for the most part.

I had crypto back before it was a thing and lost the wallet. So I’ve avoided crypto more out of self-loathing of stupidity on my backup schedule back when I was younger, causing me not to be a millionaire now. :triumph:

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I have always avoided Crypto until yesterday.

It feels like I have been missing out on the gold rush. :laughing:

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I’m still avoiding it :sweat_smile:

It took me about 2 years to decide I was going to start investing, and even now I only add £50 a month into a bog-standard ETF haha

For me I think I need to spend loads of time researching and learning all the details before I do anything. Although… it is tempting to just do whatever @edouard does :joy: