Sustainable Investing

Which FinTech actually offers sustainable investing? Who wouldn’t want to make money whilst making a good impact on the climate?

Can anyone point me to any proper sustainable investing FinTechs apps?

I know very little about this subject! :see_no_evil:

I wonder if @jase, @Pa.ul, @TheMightySwordfish, @glyn1954, @Gaoler might have any better ideas?


@RickySerhant sustainable is a tricky one to measure but I use Tickr currently for investing with some social mission.

I have an aggressive investment risk as I started later than I had hoped so I’m not always focused on the ethical investments only but they always place a part in my portfolio.

Freetrade has some good ETFs focused on green energy but not so much on social good.

If you’d like a referral for either of these services, I would love to be the one to pass them on :slight_smile: we both win while the planet hopefully is helped along the way.


Wealthsimple have a Sustainable Investing option.

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Thanks for sharing everyone, much appreciated!

I came across Clim8 Invest just now. What a name! They haven’t launched just yet but intrigued by their name. Has a snoop around and love their referral incentive - more people you refer the more trees they will plant! Love it! Never seen a referral like this before.

I’ve joined their waiting list to see what they’re really about :male_detective:t2:

Anyone else heard of them? Also, if you know other companies please do share!

Ahh love this idea!!

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Tickr already do this and I can refer you for a free tree planting. See attached :wink:

By the look of it, it seems that Clim8 Invest is closer to a fund manager, offering curated portfolios of many stocks. This on paper means that Clim8 focuses on sustainability that offers a richer green offering than generalist platforms and they could do better than single passive ETF tracker platforms.

Tickr, on the other hand, invests in a passive climate change ETF rather than an actively managed portfolio…I’m not sure why you wouldn’t bypass Tickr and just go to the ETF provider like BlackRock and not pay Tickr’s fee? :man_shrugging:t2:

Clim8 claims that specialist active management can do better than single passive ETF tracker products, which they say it’s greenwashing in many cases. These and other thoughts were featured recently in the [11:FS breakfast series]((

Mostly to utilise my ISA limit and also use roundups auto investing, regular investment auto amounts etc…

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@jase what do the returns look like so far (if you’d don’t mind sharing)?

I’m on my phone so I won’t do the rough calculations, but since April using just roundups alone, I have invested £588 and some pence, and it’s performed up to £698 when I checked just now.

Can I get you a tree? :evergreen_tree:

Not bad at all. Thanks for sharing @jase. I think I’m going to hold out and wait and see what Clim8 Invest is all about, curious to see how they execute. If you want to sign up to their waiting list let me know, can share my personal link so we can both plant trees!

… where does tickr list its ETFs?

They are backed by iShares and Luxor, so I’m guessing they’re from them.

Interesting to see there are not many companies about that offer true sustainable investing - shocking!

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