Setting custom budget periods when necessary

My December and January salary is paid on different dates to the rest of the year, and to each other. I want to be able to set a custom period for these two pay periods so my income/expenditure isn’t totally skewed, but with December’s pay being on the 3rd Wed, and Jan’s being on the 4th Wed (when in other months it’s the last Friday), whether I set the budget period for the 3rd or 4th Wed, I will get either 2 salaries included or none for that budget period. Is it possible to set it statically for a given pay/budget period, and not have the parameters dynamically apply to every other budget period?

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Hey @BeckyK,

We’ve not currently got any way of doing this in Emma, but it is a good suggestion as paydays do tend to change for most people in December!

I will forward this on to the Product team to see if they could look to add something to account for this in future :slight_smile:


Very good point. Mine is normally predictable, for example “the last Friday of the month”, but December tends to be earlier.

Thanks for the reply @Connor . It could also be set up so that each new budget period is triggered by £x< amount being deposited by the same merchant - though whether that is easier or not I don’t know.

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