Separate Current accounts

I’d find it really useful to separate current accounts. I have 2 that I use, one is the spending account and the other the billing account.

The ability to separate these when looking at available balance and committed spending would make it much easier for me to know I have enough money in the account to cover the upcoming payments.

Right now I have to go to my bank and check this which kinda defeats the purpose of having this app!

Thanks for reading

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What do you mean by separating? You can go to Accounts and see the balances. :slight_smile:

I have payments which go out from both accounts but when I look at committed spending it lumps all the payments together as they are both Current accounts. So when I look at committed spending it would be very helpful to, perhaps, list one accounts committed spend then the other. That would then tell me how much needs to be in each account to cover payments.

Equally on the front page it lumps both current accounts together. The ability to see at a glance what is in each account Would just be more user friendly.

Okay, this makes sense.

I think it is easily solved by a feature we wanted to build which was Analytics by Account; in this way you can see Analytics both aggregated and on a specific account you can select. :slight_smile:


Does your bank offer this feature?

Yes, Bank of Scotland. It’s a great feature and really helpful. Doesn’t have the budgeting functionality of Emma though!

Fantastic. Hopefully I’ll see it implemented in the future :blush:

Head’s up, Emma should also tell you if the account that has an upcoming payment coming out of it doesn’t have enough in it to cover to expense :wink:

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