Royal London pension integration

Hi - i use Royal London for my pension - can this be integrated? What would be a realistic timeline? Thank you


To show how important this pension provider is

“ We’re the UK’s largest mutual life, pensions and investment company, offering protection, long-term savings and asset management products and services.”

I suspect for apps like Emma, integrating pensions may become possible if/when the pensions dashboard programme goes live: This programme seems a bit like open banking for pensions, and appears to be in a development/testing phase.

Don’t know if Emma is planning on becoming a pensions dashboard provider though.

Hey Nicolas! We’ll look into this we’re always trying to add more integrations into the app! Unfortunately pension providers aside from PensionBee don’t typically have APIs we can connect to. That said we always like to hear requests! In the meantime pensions are better off managed with offline accounts in Emma!

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