✅ Revolut / Revolut Business Integration

Yeah, we asked them an API like 18 months ago, but they will need to release one by September. This is a requirement for them, since they are a bank; so we’ll make it happen. :slight_smile:

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Are they? I know they have a banking license somewhere in Europe but didn’t think this had been passported to the UK yet.

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Do we know how Tink is able to connect with Revolut? I tried Tink a while ago and it had Revolut and N26. Must admit I have not tried that app recently but it had some good things but was in very early Beta.

Edit: Just checked Play store - Tink Beta has disappeared for UK users;

Yes, they have reverse engineered Revolut mobile API and are storing your credentials in plain text. We don’t have the infrastructure to store them at this point.


In terms of N26, we do have access to their web API and it seems to be working fine; we just have to test and roll it out. :slight_smile:

When can we expect to see Plaid in the UK and see you integrate with them in the UK? You mention that when they do, we will be able to connect our Revolut and TransferWise-accounts. Will we then be able to see our balance in all currencies held in that account?

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Revolut is releasing an API on its own and will be ready very soon. TransferWise is currently not an option and doesn’t have any interest.

I’ve just tried to connect my Revolut account with Money Dashboard. Despite giving them access to all my currency accounts in Revolut (NOK, USD, GBP and EUR) they choose to only display the GBP account. I hope, when you support Revolut, that you will allow us to see the balance of and display transactions from all Revolut currency accounts.

Yes, of course, we are a multi-currency app. :slight_smile:

We are going to release N26 and Revolut very soon.




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Any ETA on Revolut?

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As they famously say…

“Coming soon”

Truth to be told, you ask every 5 mins. :joy:

We never provide ETAs on anything. Things change quickly, so there is no point. :see_no_evil:


Yes. I’m like the kid in the backseat asking “Are we there yet?”.


Looking for Revolut Testers 👀 :wink: Just for you @BendikHa

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Hey Everyone

For anyone who requested Revolut:


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@edoardomoreni how about Revolut “vaults”? Revolut recently started offering a relatively decent interest rate on vaults so I expect a lot more people will start using them for savings. Unfortunately the existing integration with Emma doesn’t see vaults.

Hoping my two favourite London fintechs can make this happen :wink:


Yep been looking for this also. Any updates? I have a good amount of usd in a vault and does not show in Emma.