If someone gave you £1,000

Would you: :eyes:

A) Save It
B) Spend It
C) Invest It

C : Invest , XAU is doing awesome at the moment :nerd_face:

Is it investing though?! :wink:

It’s an impossible question really, because it depends on circumstance.

For me, 1k is good money, but wouldn’t radically change things, so I’d invest, but for someone else it might mean a relatively pleasant six months instead of horror, sooooooo…

Well depends on how greedy one is :wink: I wouldn’t touch a CFD with a barge pole but general commodities through brokers definitely ! XAU can also fluctuate based on rate of inflation as you’d most probably know :nerd_face: it seems more logical than going through the effort of short selling Tesla on a daily basis :joy:

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Yes good point - it really depends what mood you’re in haha!

Yesterday I probably would have saved it all, but today after scrolling through ASOS New In this morning I’m more inclined to say that I’d spend it all :joy: