Privacy Policy & Referral

Can you confirm how you store (long term) and bank account information (identifiers) e.g do you hash the value and store the hash?

The reason I ask is that the privacy policy says you will delete data after services are no longer used, but the referral programme refers to someone not connecting an account used by a previous member. Just wondered how you are matching this up while adhering to your privacy policy?

PS: For the avoidance of doubt, I’m not trying to cheat the system, I just noticed it when looking at the referrals page :slight_smile:

Hey @jase :wave:

This point was specifically aimed at people that connect a bank account then create a new Emma account and try connect the same bank account.

In regards to our privacy policy, that’s correct - should a delete the connection to their bank account in Emma or delete their Emma account, this is removed from our system.

Luckily, we have other ways to catch those who try to game the system :wink:

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