Pension Dashboard

Pension Dashboard

Although running behind schedule, I’m still buzzing to see this finally implemented! I’d like to think I’m quite on top of my finances, but I know I could certainly step up my pension ‘game’.


What is this? Someone TLDR it for me please :upside_down_face:

Added a video :wink:

Basically means that you can see all your pensions payments, totals and predicted final values’ all in ‘one dashboard’.

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Even previous pensions with other employees? I remember PensionBee talking me into this, then I went bananas.

That’s my understanding.

Is this really good? And helpful. Currently I will be moving to my 5 employer and that means pension provider will change.
I have no clue how much each place has and other details.
Pension dashboard or pension bee?

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Is there a possible ETA?

pension dashboard isn’t ready. 100% pensionbee their service through the transfer is great, the more you know the better but even if you only know dates of employment they can work on that basis.

not sure if allowed to share or not but referral code for a free £50 each if you do decide to use them

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It’s fine, feel free to share.

I only have one pension, so kinda difficult for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes this will be a god send I have 3 private pensions and the state pension ,in about ten years time to see them all in one dashboard will help so much

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Delayed until 2023. A shame; would be great to see pensions in apps like Emma.

Haven’t looked into Pensions Dashboards for a while, but seems like there is progress happening, albeit still quite slow