Option to nominate designated amount to committed payment

For example, if you have a contract with O2, it’s £40 a month, you end up having to make manual payments of £10 a week, the percentage bar could fill up until it reaches £40 then mark as paid. IE my AMEX data wont consolidate manual payments versus direct debit, if it knows to track AMEX payments to a target, perhaps that would make lives a lot easier and fill the gap. Hope I explained it clearly. :metal:

So you want to assign specific transactions to pay down a committed spending payment? Do you mean you pay a weekly fixed amount to Amex, rather than just your direct debit?

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You’re spot on! Both correct!

Yeah, it’s strange that credit cards aren’t handled better, as it’s pretty straightforward really.

On the cards itself, you have

  1. Spending
  2. Refunds

Then you have

  1. Regular repayments (usually a direct debit)
  2. Irregular/other repayments (what you’re talking about)

And all you need is the sum of 1 to 4…

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