Custom payday time ranges

A portion of my income currently comes in termly installments, so roughly every 3 months - but it’s impossible to represent this in the app currently. A custom time range would solve this (ie every X period of time), or even being able to specify one-time paydays. This might also be useful for contracts, etc.

This is also a great idea, I will definitely feed this back to the team as something for the future. Are you paid on the last working day every three months? Or is it always different?

The days have differed a little, but it’s roughly at the end of the last month. I don’t usually have advance knowledge of exactly which day, but I know roughly when it arrives.

I’ve thought of a couple extra applications for one-time payments too - getting a rental deposit back, or a friend saying they’ll pay back a loan on X date. Just nice to know those things might be coming up.

It might also be useful to be able to tell the app to look a further into the past to set up income/payday (especially if time periods longer than 1 month are given), so that if there are a couple income transactions that are a similar but with a while between them, the app can still figure out “ooh possible income thing”

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okay makes sense!

You would probably have to select an exact payday though if you were to have something like this.

Thanks for the great feedback @ToweringHat :grin:

That works fine - after all, anything coming in the future isn’t quite a certainty, but it does give a good sense of “about this kind of time, you should be getting something like this”. It could also serve as a bit of a flag - “you were supposed to get an income of X, but it’s been a week and it’s not appeared. Aaaaa”

No worries, thanks for the great interaction! Seriously, you’re doing a great job in fielding all this, and it feels awesome to hear back and have a back-and-forth :smiley:

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Yes some kind of notification would be cool just so you can chase if the payment has come through will definitely feedback to the product team.

Thanks so much for the kind words, it means a lot! I try my best to respond to everyone I can!

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No worries, keep on keeping on! :blush:

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