Odd Number Spacing

Ok this might be an extra OCD issue, but the spacing of numbers to allow for the “scrolling” really bothers me.

1st world problems … :roll_eyes:

Noticed that a while back as well.

Yes, this has been there for quite some time now

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Like 10 months. :sweat_smile:

Any chance of getting it fixed? :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it’s not really a bug.

We use Montserrat as font in the app, which is not a tabular font - meaning that numbers have all different widths. That’s why with 1s, you can see the space.

We just need to replace the font pretty much.

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Makes sense

If you have a nice font to suggest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Something sans-serif & monospace… maybe Roboto Mono?

I think Varela Round would be a great choice, has a similar look to Montserrat, but is tabular and will avoid those annoying (first world problem, I know) instances of misaligned figures.

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We can definitely try this!


Great, I hope it works :smile: