NS&I Integration

I just spotted Nectar now use Open Banking so they can track your purchases and give you points automatically. I’m assume they’re using my data to sell which is how they make money from it but nevertheless, it is an interesting use case

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The introductory rewards are quite beefy too, 10% cashback equivalent (20 points per £1 at Just Eat, same w/ Costa) personally, don’t mind if my data is sold as long as I gain some reward from it


Exactly although some of the rewards are random. Like who is spending at Coach but also wants Nectar card points?

Stagecoach? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: me, got a 40 minute journey to Cheltenham on the daily incoming from next academic year

I think he means the overpriced fashion retailer;

Then I reckon he’s probably correct

Any update?

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Another vote for this


Morning, is there any update on the ns&i integration?

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Looks like NS&I integration won’t be happening then any time soon? Apparently they were going to embrace Open Banking in 2021

Didn’t NS&I give up on developing an open banking interface? That’d explain the delay/absence.

Not sure. I think Yolt supported standard NS&I accounts. I think I used to have the app and had it linked to NS&I (Premium Bonds) - although Yolt closed in December I think. Although its not end of the world since your Premium Bonds amount is not going to change that often.